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Jun.27-Jul.1, 2016

6th Summer Strasbourg Summer School in Cheminformatics

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Medicinal Chemistry has just entered a new era with the complete sequencing of a human genome. The number of potentially interesting drug targets will no doubt dramatically increase in the incoming years. To just give an idea of the revolution to come, about 500 targets are currently used by the modern pharmacopoeia, but between 5,000 and 10,000 are foreseen in a near future. A significant number of these new targets will probably be orphan targets for which no or very few information on endogenous ligands will be available. To get first insights into the molecular structures of such ligands, virtual screening of chemical databases against a protein active site or a pharmacophore is an emerging technique that allow to enrich a reduced dataset in true hits.

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Ann annotated database of druggable binding sites from the protein databank
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An database of protein-ligand interaction patterns
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A database of commercialy available drug-like compounds
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